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Moldavite XS – B (0.23g)

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Moldavite Tektite

Moldavite comes from a enormous size meteorite that  crashed in the Czechoslovakian mountain region about 14.8 million years ago. The high vibration of this tektite also has amazing healing powers and brings deep spiritual growth. It is super powerful and is also known as ‘the holy grail stone’ or the “Stone of transformation” they have amazing intense energy and work on a very high vibration. This will help work with all areas of your life.

Some people feel a strong tingling  heated sensation just by holding Moldavite in the hand. Excellent to enhance your meditation.

Note: This is a high vibrational crystal and not advised for beginners.

Weight: Approx 0.23 grams

Size: Approx 12mm x 8mm

1 review for Moldavite XS – B (0.23g)

  1. Larissa

    Such a beautiful piece,holds such intense energy, will definitely buy another piece

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