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Apophyllite Rough cluster (38g)


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Apophylite Rough Quartz

Apophylite Quartz inherited its name from its unusual formation. Thousands of sparkly Apophylite crystal completely cover each rounded finger-like point. No piece is the same, each one is completely unique and exceptionally interesting.

Bringing spiritual awakening, enlightenment and vision, Apophylite is often used in meditation. A calming stone, helping to sooth anxieties and worries, to ease restlessness and stimulate concentration by bringing peace of mind.

Crystal clusters radiate immense amounts of energy because of the multiple crystal points. This fills the surrounding space with light and positive energy. Crystal cluster formations vary in size with many different crystal points embedded into one base. They are used for meditation, healing and cleansing spaces. Placing a crystal cluster in your home or offices is also one of the best Feng Shui cures. They bring strong, healing Earth energy into your space absorbing any negativity.


Size: Approx 4.5x3cm

Weight: Approx 38g


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