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Black Tourmaline Pendulum With Crystal Point


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Black Tourmaline Pendulums are often used as tools for spiritual healing, inner growth and grounding but have many different uses.


Only 1 left in stock


Black Tourmaline pendulum

Tourmaline is a shamanic stone, providing a cloak of protection. Its an energy purifier in the world of healing crystals. Wherever you happen to be on your spiritual journey, Black Tourmaline is an excellent crystal for everyone because it’s the bodyguard stone that provides protection and elimination of negative energy. This stone can go with you everywhere its an all-around energy cleanser.


The chain length is approx 18cm.

Material: Alloy chain, Black Tourmaline double terminated crystal.

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More about Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is deeply connected to the base chakras, the roots that help you to feel safe and secure. When your root chakras are beautifully balanced you have a boost in self confidence and learn to embrace who you are, speak your truth, and set upon your own path to spiritual healing.

Because of its powerful ability to clear negativity, Black Tourmaline is highly regarded in everyday cleansing rituals. If you would like to cleanse your house of negativity combine Black Tourmaline with water and sea salt and place in a glass jar by your front door. Tourmaline is also a powerful protector against energy vampires (people who tend to suck up others energies) leaving you feeling emotionally drained. Its also a powerful tool during meditation incorporating its powerful and protective energy. During meditation hold your Black Tourmaline and set an intention  then let it work for you whenever you call on it for support. If you are sensitive to electromagnetic forces Black Tourmaline can block out EMF sensitivity.