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Cobaltion Dolomite Cluster (40-75g)

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Cobaltoan Dolomite cluster for emotional balance, room grounding and assist with heartbreaks

Only 1 left in stock

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Dolomite Crystal Cluster Specimens 

Also known as Salrose (Frence for Salt rose) This is a very protective stone. If you place it in the centre of a room it will balance and ground the rooms energy. With its gentle comfort it will balance your emotions through self nuturing. It activates the ability to recieve love, nuturing and comfort in your life. it is an excellent stone if you suffer from heartbreak and depression. 

Pink in colour with patches of Black Heterogonite or Malachite

40-75g grams each piece

Each piece is unique 

Origin: Congo


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4 reviews for Cobaltion Dolomite Cluster (40-75g)

  1. Muriel Van Der Westhuizen

    Amazing stone!

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  2. Angela Kleynhans

    Stunning pieces

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  3. Adriaan V.

    An extraordinary looking crystal with bright, almost seemingly neon pink patches set between & against brown areas. A “friendly” stone great for lifting your mood & to motivate you when you need a lift out of a slump. It makes a great gift if you are looking for a positively affirmative and charging stone to give to anybody. It is also so striking looking that looking at it alone begins to elevate your mood!

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  4. Nontokozo Khumalo

    I am enjoying my original gem .it is so original I got the energies sametime as I touched it.

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