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Crystal Soap Quartz

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Quartz Crystal glycerine soap with Lemongrass essential oil, colloidal silver and a Clear Quartz gemstone. One of the most indulgent & moisturizing soaps available.

Only 9 left in stock

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Crystal Quartz soap

Made from Glycerine, Lemon grass essential oil, colloidal silver and a Clear Quartz gemstone.

Size: Approx 8cm x 5cm.

Soaps are handmade.


100% Natural & can be used to cleanse & moisturize all types of skin.

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Benefits of Glycerine Soap

This handmade glyceine soap has unique properties allowing them to be effective on all types of skin, including sensitive or hypoallergenic skin. This soap is 100% natural vegetable glycerine and contains a neutral pH which will continue to moisturize your skin throughout the day.


Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a liquid suspension of microscopic particles of silver. It is a powerful broad spectrum Microbial Solution which contains silver ions and has a amazing germicidal, antibacterial, anti-fungal, infection-fighting and healing properties. Colloidal silver has been found to be helpful in healing cuts, wounds, rashes, acne, fever blisters, athletes foot, insect and spider bites, sunburn and tissue re-growth.


Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass oil is known as an angelic fragrance, uplifting and balancing emotions, helping to forgive, and to attract more love into ones life. It is the oil of spiritual and energetic cleansing and protection.


Benefits of Clear Quartz Gemstone

Clear Quartz increases wisdom, clarity of thought and emotions. It enhances memory, meditation skills and attunes one to their spiritual purpose.

17 reviews for Crystal Soap Quartz

  1. Lisa

    Love it! Keeping good energies with me all the time

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  2. Lyn Webb


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  3. Mandy Tarr

    Love love love!

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  4. Gitte Krige

    Haven’t tried it yet but it smells amazing

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  5. Debbie

    In love! Soap is awesome and comforts my skin. The stone is a bonus.

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  6. Adeniyi T


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  7. Anonymous

    cool, just not big enough

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  8. Anita de Lange

    Most amazing aeroma – really gentle on skin

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  9. Melissa E.

    Love these beautiful soaps!!

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  10. Francisco


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  11. Hazel-Ann


    Image #1 from Hazel-Ann
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  12. Aisha Dadoo

    Smells lovely with a clear quartz crystal inside the soapbar

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  13. Michelle Roopchand

    Helps alot

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  14. [email protected]

    Wow all the soaps make you feel so relaxed. Really worth it

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  15. Anonymous

    Beautiful Soap. Leaves the skin soft and hydrated. So gentle with a wonderfully uplifting fragrance.

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  16. V


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  17. Erica

    This is the best soap Ive ever used, am totally addicted. It makes the most foam, has the best fragrance, makes my skin feel soft AND bonus of a crystal to add to my collection afterwards ❤️

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