Diamond Dot Painting – Elephant 40×50


Size: Approx 40 x 50cm – All products are manually measured, please allow 1-2cm difference.

Material: Rhinestone & Canvas

Pack includes diamond dot pen, tray, canvas with pictures, stones and a small sponge

Colour: The colour of the item may be slightly different from the picture depending on screen settings/ colour


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This stunning diamond dot elephant will keep you entertained for hours. Makes a stunning decoration when completed.


What is diamond dot painting?

Diamond dot painting is an easy and enjoyable activity that is suitable for the whole family, young or old.

Just like a puzzle, it can be a simple and relaxing process. Many have claimed that it has helped with stress, anxiety and even flared their creative skills.

Diamond dot painting is similar to paint by numbers, except that instead of using paint, you are using tiny diamonds to create colourful designs and patterns. The finished designs sparkle and make stunning wall hangings or decorations around the house or office.


Important Note:

This is DIY diamond painting is not completed. You need to complete the painting using your dotting pen and diamonds that are included in the pack.


New to diamond dot painting?

If you are new to Diamond dot painting then check out this video from Shimmer Stitch on YouTube. Her channel has some great tips and ideas for Diamond dot painting and artist.

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