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Heart Shaped Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp (2-3kg)


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Use a Himalayan crystal salt lamp at your desk, in your office, on your bedside table or any room in your house and allow its natural, healthy ambiance to work for you.

Only 1 left in stock

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Heart Shaped Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

Beautifully hand shaped natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp mounted on a wooden stand. Place your lamp in any room of the house, Spa, Salon, Aroma Therapy Center, Yoga Center or Meditation room. Leave the lamp on for 24 hours a day for best results or it should at least be warm to the touch.

Weight: Between 2- 3 Kgs 

Colour: Natural Pink Himalayan Salt

Comes with an electrical cord, switch and light bulb.

Instructions for care and use are included. 

Why is the Himalayan Salt Lamp an iconic crystal?

Besides the fact that salt lamps are naturally beautiful and ambient they have been scientifically proven to enhance human health, well being and the environment around you. These lamps are hygroscopic to reducing moisture and bacteria that need to remain airborne to survive. 

How it works and where does it come from?

Himalayan salt originated about 250 million years ago, it is found under the foot hills of a Himalayan Mountain range in Asia. The heat that is produced by the light bulb in the lamp releases a large number of negative ions in the air which help balance the environment saturated with positive ions. 

Health Benefits

As humans we absorb about 68% of our energy each day from the air we breathe. That is more energy that we get from the food we eat or water we drink. This salt lamp generates negative ions which is a huge step towards a cleaner indoor environment.  A Himalayan Salt lamp has 84 traceable mineral elements. They are known to reduce stress and sinus problems, relieves migraine headaches, reduces asthma attacks. Boosts serotonin levels in the bloodstream. It helps with skin burn recovery, improves sleep while enhancing the immune system. In the office or study it increases work productivity and concentration and energizing your mind, body and soul.

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