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Labradorite Pendulum Point


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Labradorite Pendulums are often used as tools for spiritual healing and inner growth but have many different uses.

Only 1 left in stock

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Labradorite pendulum 

The chain length is approx 15cm.

Size of Labradorite crystal approx 4cm

Material: Alloy chain and Labradorite Crystal

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More about the benefits of Labradorite

Labradorite is a very popular decorative stone because from the outside when you catch a glimpse of its labradorescent it looks like magic. Strips of silver blues flash across the stone when the light bounces off of it. Labradorite is the stone of transformation & change. Its an excellent companion when dealing with a new chapter, project or life journey, imparting strength & perseverance. It protects from irrational fear, helping you find order out of chaos. It grounds spiritual energies, strengthens intuition, protects your aura & raises consciousness. While promoting your psychic abilities it also works in calming the mind allowing new ideas and the imagination to expand.


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