Mala Beads – Rose Quartz

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Natural Rose Quartz Mala Beads.

Made in Nepal

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Gemstone prayer beads/ mala beads are a superb way to help yourself to inwardly grow and protect yourself while doing so. You are combining the power of prayer with the power of an ancient tradition devoted to spiritual growth and the inherent super- ancient energy inherent in the stones themselves.

Rose Quartz prayer beads/ mala beads bring you the energy of unconditional love and infinite peace, both for yourself and for others. Rose quartz is the key heart chakra stone, healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. It overcomes heart traumas, attracts love, draws off negative energy and replaces it with loving energy. Meditating with this grounding, heart stone it creates positive love energies. Whether you choose to wear it or simply use it in mantra and meditation practice, it will be inspiring and powerful.

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