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Tulasi Money Drawing Incense Sticks Premium

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Tulasi Money drawing has a pleasant and lively fragrance that seems ‘lucky’

In stock

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More about Tulasi Money Drawing Incense Sticks

Tulasi Dragons Blood Masala incense is a strong and diffusive fragrance that brings you a oriental experience. Masala incense is a traditional Indian incense that is made using natural gums, resins, herbs, spices, honey, essential oils and fragrance.

Tulasi Pack of Money drawing incense

15g per single box

Made in India through three generations of fine incense makers.

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13 reviews for Tulasi Money Drawing Incense Sticks Premium

  1. Louise (verified owner)


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  2. Jacquie Bester (verified owner)

    Love it

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  3. Bonolo R. (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it yet, however, I hope it really does draw money closer my way. Will rate it at 5 though for good luck!

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  4. Joeanne Francis (verified owner)


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  5. Robin Botha (verified owner)

    Great quality

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  6. Tumie M. (verified owner)

    smells divine

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  7. Louise (verified owner)

    Believe me it work but be carefull

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  8. xivono (verified owner)

    its my second time ordering from this site (both times in bulk) and trust me when I say their stuffs amazing lol

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    • Lisa Nozaic (store manager)

      Thank you for the support! So happy that we can asssit

  9. Xivono W. (verified owner)

    great tool, and it smells so good too.

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  10. Sivu Zani (verified owner)

    Smells great, hopefully it will bring us fortune.

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  11. Jaydene K. (verified owner)

    It smells like money

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  12. Lindo Zwane (verified owner)


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  13. ntombekhaya mtshikwana (verified owner)

    love it..love it..thank you family!!

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