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Oracle Of The Dragonfae (Lucy Cavendish)


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Oracle Of The Dragonfae

This Australian deck follows in the tradition of Doreen Virtue s many Oracles (the Magical Unicorn Oracle, Goddess Guidance Oracle, Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle, Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle…etc), in that the Dragonfae Oracle s artwork is the result of several artists, in the case of this deck, seven. For a deck celebrating the Goddess in her form as the Dragon, it seems appropriate that all the artists are women.
23 of the 43 cards in the deck are by Michele-lee Phelan and some of these are extraordinary. Dragon-imagery appears in all of her cards, sometimes partially (for example, the scales which appear around some of the characters eyes).
Grandmother Magicks wears a fantastic dress, made of 4 layers of large, veined and fiery red/orange leaves. (Spirit-world wanderers will recognise this imagery.)
Chumara is another fantastical image. Aside from the form of the Dragon, the Goddess s other popular manifestation appears as the Spider, who waits in her web on Chumara s third eye. Surrounding her are the colours of the rainbow, from red to purple, merging with each other as they progress. Fantastic!
Without wishing to hurt anyone s feelings, I have to say that Michele-lee Phelan s work is the best in the deck. It is curious that more than half of the 43 cards have been painted by her. I wonder why she wasn t commissioned to finish the job. It very much feels as though the deck is in two halves Michele-lee s 23 paintings, and the remaining 6 artists who share the remaining 20 cards. Two of these artists have painted only 1 card each within this deck.
In general, I really like this deck. Sure, I wish that Michele-lee had painted the whole thing, but never mind there is much to enjoy here. Recommended! –by Space Goat for Aeclectic Tarot

43 card deck

Author: Lucy Cavendish

Size of box: 17x13cm

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