Pendant – Om Mani Padhme Hum (Blue & Turquoise)


1x Om Mani Padhme Hum turquoise and blue pendant.

Size – Approx 41 -42 mm height.

29 -30 mm wide at its widest part.

Since these are handmade there may be slight variations between each piece.

Material: Tibetan silver, metal alloy.

Made in Nepal

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Om Mani Padme Hum is a powerful Buddhist mantra that invokes the blessings of the Divine. The mantra can be chanted aloud, recited within, written down or viewed in the written form.

Om is believed to be the sound of universal creation, mani means “jewel,” Padme refers to the sacred lotus flower, and hum means “the spirit of enlightenment.” The exact meaning of the mantra cannot be easily conveyed in a few sentences as the mantra is the essence of the entire teachings of Buddha.

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