Pocket Diary 100% Recycled & Handmade – Buddha (Small)


Peaceful Buddha in Meditation sitting on a Lotus recycled book

Size: Approx 7cm x 10cm

White blank cotton recycled paper inside.

Handmade in India (Fair trade)

Quantity: 1 Book

Colour: Cream

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More about this unique Buddha recycled notebook

This note book is hand made from 100% handmade recycled, rag and tree free paper.

The painting is an exclusive Indian art form which have been going on for centuries. Traditional techniques are used to make this hand painted notebook.

Symbolic Meanings of the Buddha on the book:

The term Buddha literally means enlightened one, a knower.

This Buddha signifies wisdom, understanding, and fulfilling destiny.

Both hands are held at chest level, with thumb & index fingers forming a circle. The right hand is turned palm in, while the left hand is turned palm out.

This Buddha pose is particularly appropriate for those who are either studying or want to grow spiritually.

Cotton recycled notebook

The handmade cotton paper is considered to be a very strong paper and doesn’t deteriorate with time which is processed without the use of chemical fibres. By choosing this item you are supporting Fair Trade.


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