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Aromafume White Sage & Sandalwood Incense Bricks


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Aromafume Californian White Sage & Sandalwood Incense bricks is a perfect alternative for a smokeless incense.

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Californian White Sage & Sandalwood Incense Bricks

Californian White Sage Incense bricks blesses the body, air and its surroundings. Topped delicately with clarysage and passion fruit, a gurjun balsam mid note adds depths to this wonderful White Sage inspired incense brick blended with the scent of woody Sandalwood. It promotes feelings of peace, relaxation, satisfaction and overall spiritual and emotional wellness.

How to use Incense Bricks

These bricks must be used in a diffuser, simply light the candle underneath, place the incense brick on top (normally where your oils would go) and start enjoying the beautiful aroma. Each brick can last up to 2 hours.

Each box includes 9 bricks

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