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Spirit Speaks (Michael Mayo)


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Spirit Speaks (Michael Mayo)

Discover How and Why Evidential Mediumship Works

Join world-renowned medium Michael Mayo on a step-by-step journey through the mechanics of spirit communication, where you will learn to sense the subtle energy around you and promote healing in yourself and others. With Michael’s practical approach to evidence-based mediumship, you can build a reliable connection to the spirit world and develop the authentic abilities that have always been within you.

Covering everything you need to cultivate effective mediumship skills, Spirit Speaks features lessons in developing a relationship with spirit guides, recognizing spirit people by their essence, finding quality evidence during a reading, and troubleshooting problems that may arise. You will also explore the history of mediumship, ponder ethical considerations, dispel common myths, and gain a deeper understanding of grief. This book helps you connect with who you truly are and live more meaningfully.

Pages: 232

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