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Spiritual Guide Incense Sticks

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Guide your mind to celestial heights and transport your spirit to heavenly moods with this beautiful very popular  aromatic Indian incense.

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More about Padmini Spiritual Guide Incense Sticks

Padmini’s Spiritual Guide incense sticks are one of our most popular incense in South Africa. It has a slightly sweet, airy and light fragrance balanced with intriguing balsamic notes. Spiritual Guide incense helps calm the mind, clears the space and allows focus and meditate.

Length: Approx 25.5cm

Each box comes with 8 incense sticks

Made in India

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24 reviews for Spiritual Guide Incense Sticks

  1. Sune Fourie (verified owner)

    Smells divine!

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  2. Alde (verified owner)

    Very special fragrance

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  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The box was ruined when it came but incense spells very nice

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    • Lisa Nozaic (store manager)

      Hi. Please email us so we can look into this.

  4. Thabelo Maraka (verified owner)

    This is my favorite, the smell is heavenly, it calms me and just takes me to another world

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  5. Thabelo Maraka (verified owner)

    The smell is amazing

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  6. Devin Richardson-Freese (verified owner)

    One of my favourite incense sticks!

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  7. Tracey Holtzhausen (verified owner)


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  8. Adelaide Sanders (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the smell of this incense. Not to over powering but enough to make you feel like the house has a pleasant aroma.

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  9. Kashmine (verified owner)

    The smell is perfect absolutely relaxing.

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  10. Zenobia P. (verified owner)

    Excellent product

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  11. Jessica W. (verified owner)

    Amazing smells…

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  12. Vuyelwa (verified owner)

    Smells divine

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  13. Jax Schubert (verified owner)

    Great Service

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  14. Zandile N. (verified owner)

    It’s exactly what it looks like and I couldn’t be happier. The smell is a bit strong for me though.

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  15. Lisa (verified owner)

    Gorgeous aroma

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  16. Mary-Anne L. (verified owner)

    Lovely scent. Used one since and I felt a really strong connection while meditating.

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  17. Marcella Dlamini (verified owner)

    Creates such a wonderful calm ambience in the room

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  18. Lisa A. (verified owner)


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  19. JAMIE KASSIE (verified owner)


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  20. Samantha Maluka (verified owner)

    Love It!

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  21. JAMIE KASSIE (verified owner)

    The fragrance is so nice.

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  22. Anonymous (verified owner)


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  23. Wilhelm (verified owner)

    Love the smell!

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  24. Sharon Henry (verified owner)

    We haven used these yet, but they smell amazing

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