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Tree Of Life Orgonite Necklace

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Tree of Life Orgonite Necklace aids in protection from harmful EMF frequencies and balancing your energy field.

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Tree Of Life Orgonite Necklace

This powerful heart healing Orgone pendant aids in protection from harmful EMF frequencies while at the same time balancing your energy field. All my Orgonite pendants feature my origional artwork and are crafted by hand by a Reiki Master. 

Size: Diameter 3cm

Length of necklace: 30cm

Materials: Orgone Vortex custom Iron matrix ( a mixture of iron shavings with several crystals and gemstones to create an energetic matrix of powdered crystals, iron shavings that gets compressed in high quality restin.

On the back of the Orgonite pendant is the Tesia coil generating a spin in a clockwise mannaer which pushes the energy out. 

Some benefits incluse protection from EMF’s and other negative energy. Creation of a more balanced positive energy field. Re-vitalize the atmostphere, improve health and vitality, sleep better, vivid dreams, boost intuition, recharge food and drinks, structure water adn promote plant growth. 

More about Orgone

Everyday we are being exposed to harmful Electromagnetic Frequenies (EMF) from mobile phones, cell towers, microwaves and Wi-Fi.  Orgone energy is like universal energy you may have heard this referred to as Chi, Prana or Etheric Energy. This is the life force energy that is the foundational energy of our physical world. It can eaher be positive, negative or neutral. Orgonite is a combination of crystals, gemstones and metal in resin that filters out negative energy and turns it inot positive energy – to amplify the positive energy and life force field fo our auras, High frequency copper coils are added that brings in the balance and protective power. 





3 reviews for Tree Of Life Orgonite Necklace

  1. Samantha Van Niekerk


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  2. Barbera Errera

    I love my necklace, it’s beautifully hand crafted. The service I received was amazing, I ordered on the Sunday and I expected to wait a few days before my purchase arrived, only to find it being delivered the next day shortly after lunch time.
    I can’t wait to order from you again.
    Thank you so much.

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  3. Estia O.

    Another favorite

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