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Aromafume Incense Brick Burners White Sage Gift Set


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Aromafume Incense Brick Burners White Sage Gift Set. Each brick last about 2 hours.

In stock


Exotic Aromafume incense diffuser and Cleansing incense bricks

This Aromafume exotic tree incense burner is the most effective burner to use with incense bricks. Simply light the candle underneath, place the incense brick on the top plate and allow the aroma to fill your space.

The Exotic incense diffuser comes on a wooden plate which is removable and easy to clean. The top lid where the incense brick goes can be removed to be washed.

1 tea light candle

White sage bricks, White sage and Rose, White Sage & Lavender, White sage & Sandalwood,  White Sage & Frankincense,  White Sage & Palo Santo

incense bricks which last up to 2 hours each

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