50 Random Acts of Kindness ideas

50 Random Acts of Kindness ideas

Have you ever experienced a random act of kindness? Do you remember how it made you feel?


A random act of kindness is a selfless act or good deed to either help, cheer up, inspire or make someone happier with no apparent ulterior motive. The act can be to a family member, friend, stranger, animal, mother Earth or someone completely anonymous.

I have often been surprised how a small kind gesture to someone else can bring me inner joy. Now imagine if someone is having a bad day or going through a hard time and they get a completely random surprise, complement or help in hand. It could completely turn their day around, lift their spirits and sometimes even change their perspective or make them do the same.


“No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted” – Aesop


We Challenge You: How many of these random acts of kindness can you tick off this list?


1.  Hold the elevator door for someone.


2.  Give the mailman a cold drink on a hot day.


3.  Dish up a extra plate of food and give it to a policeman, firefighter or security guard that is working during a public holiday.


4.  Bake cookies and drop it off at the orphanage.


5.  Buy a bag of dog food and drop it at the animal shelter.


Animal Shelter Random Acts of Kindness, Dog at animal shelter, good deeds


6.  Leave a used book in a café with an inspiring message inside.


7.  Pay for someones groceries at the checkout/ till.


8.  Take a pledge and say NO to plastic straws.


9.  Give a homeless person a pair of shoes.


10. Hand write and post a letter to those in need.


write a letter to those in need, random act of kindness, good deed


11. Help animals find homes.


12. Compliment someone right now. Have they lost weight, are they wearing a nice dress?


13. Drop off colouring in books and pencil crayons at a hospital waiting room.


14. Take some time out and feed the doves or ducks in the park.


15. Pick some flowers and hand them out to people passing by on the street.


hand pick flowers, good deeds, happiness


16. Leave a chocolate on a colleagues desk.


17. Volunteer your time at a old age home and play chess, read or even just spend some time chatting.


18. Help tutor a struggling student for free.


19. Send someone flowers and don’t say who they from.


20. Join a beach clean up, alternatively take a stroll and pick up a bag on your own.


Trash on beach, beach cleanup, litter clean up, random acts of kindness


21. Give your umbrella to a stranger.


22. Do the dishes or someone else’s chore for them.


23. Buy your waitress a desert.


24. Go walk or play with the dogs at the animal shelter.


25. Plant a tree – (It’s easier than you think)


plant a tree, random acts of kindness ideas, give back


26. If everyone is gossiping, add your bit and say something nice about that person instead.


27. Surprise a friend with a gift voucher.


28. Let someone in the line go ahead of you.


29. Become a organ donor. (You can register online and it takes 5 minutes.)


30. Call your mom or grand parents, they appreciate it more than you think.


call your mom, random acts of kindness, mindfull


31. Learn the names of people you see every day, like security guards, receptionist and greet them by their name.


32. Paint small rocks with inspirational messages then hide them for strangers to find.


33. Leave a really good tip to a good waiter/ waitress that gave you excellent service.


34. Volunteer with a cause or charity that you believe in.


35. Give someone a extra large hug.


hug, grateful, random acts of kindness ideas


36. Leave your change in a vending machine for the next person.


37. Compliment someone to their manager or boss.


38. Pay for the car behind you at the toll gate.


39. Donate your old reading glasses.


40. Leave a nice comment on a blog that you enjoy.


mindful blog comment, good deads


41. Let someone in your lane or give them a gap. We all trying to get somewhere.


42. Each time you get a new clothing item, donate an old one.


43. Put sticky notes with a positive message on the mirror of a public bathroom.


44. Make and freeze meals for elderly or sickly neighbours.


45. Smile at everyone.


smile at everyone, give back, grateful


46. Donate blood.


47. Buy a friend that is going through a hard time a cup of coffee.


48. Adopt a dog or cat.


49. Mow your neighbours grass for free.


50. Do a 5K run for charity.


charity run, good deeds


Check out this cute little video we found about the impact of kindness:



So what you waiting for, how many of these random act of kindness ideas can you cross off the list? Have you got any acts of kindness ideas that you would like to share with others, let us know in the comments below.


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