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Shiva Statue Hindu God (10cm)

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Lord Shiva represents the seed of the universe, demonstrating creation.


Only 2 left in stock


More about the Lord Shiva

Shiva is one of the three supreme gods found in Hindu mythology. Lord Shiva is part of the Holy trinity along with Brahma (the creator) Vishnu (the preserver) and Shiva is the destroyer of the transformer. He destroys to make way for new things. Shiva is one of the most benevolent Gods in Hinduism one who showers his devotees with immense love and destroys those who do evil.

White caste Lord Shiva statue.

Size: Approx 6 x 11cm

Preferred indoors.

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5 reviews for Shiva Statue Hindu God (10cm)

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love Lord Shiva and when I keep looking at this, it makes me smile from the heart. Har Har Mahadev

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  2. MAUREEN LAZARUS (verified owner)

    excellent service & delivery

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  3. Levashni Moonsamy (verified owner)


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  4. Anonymous (verified owner)


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  5. Saloshni (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect product that has such powerful energy. I was so grateful that it came back in stock. And bought 3. For myself and two other special people who like me, believe in the power of Lord Shiva. As always, Lisa and Hello Indigos service is beyond wonderful. Thank you so much !

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