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5th Element Orgonite Tower Buster (5cm)


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5cm)5th Element Tower Buster

These Orgone Tower busters are tuned to 46mhz which is the frequency of purification
they can be used for gifting cell/mobile phone antennas and anything that generates
negative energy. When you place these devices you are gifting that space with positive
energy the negative or dead energy will be changed to positive a balance is created
creating a more peaceful harmonised energy.

The resin casing of the Towe rbuster will attract and draw negative orgone energy into
the device. This Negative energy (EMFs) is caused by anything wireless, using electricity
and battery operated this disrupts our auric field. Once the negative energy is within the
device the metals repel the energy creating a push and pull effect, this causes a friction
within the device and as the energy builds within the device it shoots out in every
direction and as the energy is moving out of the device it is pushed through the
gemstones and crystals within the device they will then turn the energy into positive
orgone energy.

Made with a mix of gemstones and layer of silica sand that consists of 99% pure quartz
with added metal shavings, iron oxide powder, diatomaceous earth, activated charcoal
with a copper coil to direct the flow of the positive energy. The black base is packed with
shungite and tourmaline in iron oxide powder.
You can place these anywhere around your homes. These metaphysical tools are easy to
hide or put in a place where it will remain for a very long time for transmuting the
electromagnetic pollutions of electric/electronic appliances.
Great to place near big antenna masts (TV, mobile phone, radio, etc.) because that’s
where they shine and work at full capacity, or for large electric transformers stations +
other big places that involve a lot of electricity or wireless transmissions or even a
windowsill where you are near cell towers.
Generally just place the orgone the closest to where you want the positive effect. If it’s to
for the electromagnetic waves of a WiFi router, place the orgonite on it.
If its’ for a plant place the orgonite at the base of the plant. If it’s for yourself, just keep it
in your pocket or bag or place in your car.

Size: Approx 5 x 2 cm


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