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Clear Quartz Crystal Water Bottle


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Glass Clear Quartz Crystal Bottle

Stay energized and hydrated through out the day with crystal infused water. At the center of this glass bottle is a stunning Clear Quartz crystal. Clear Quartz increases wisdom and clarity of thoughts and emotions. Quartz is the second most abundant natural minerals found of Earth. Its known as the ‘ Master healer’ and will amplify energy and thought. Clear quartz is the most versatile healing stone among all crystals. It is very powerful and is able to work on any condition. This crystal can be programmed with your intention and will assist you in all situations so it should defiantly be a travel partner with you where ever you go. To program your crystal, place your intentions during meditation this will also strengthen its healing energy. 

Water bottle: 500ml

Material: Glass

Comes with a fabric sleeve to keep water cold and protect your bottle.

Not dishwasher safe and do not freeze.

To clean you can remove the bottom of the bottle where the crystal is. Rinse under warm water and twist it back on. You can also remove the top lid to rinse under warm water. Please ensure bottom of bottle is closed securely with seal in place to avoid leaking.


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