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Congo Citrine Point Polished F (8.9g)

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Peppermint pure essential is a refreshing and stimulant oil that also aids in circulation and digestive upsets.

Only 1 left in stock

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Polished Congo Citrine

Size: Approx 5X1.5cm

Weight: Approx 8.9g

Natural Citrine (non-heat treated).


Energy – Success – Confidence – Wealth – Prosperity – Self Expression

Citrine in may cultures is known as the merchants stone. Citrine has a yellow /orange crystal glow, like the sun it’s filled with bring vibrant energy. This energy emanates positivity and joy and your outlook on projects will be bright and successful. This strong sense of self esteem and vibrant flow of energy will help you glow on the outside boosting your confidence and help strengthen your physical endurance. this stone attracts wealth, prosperity and success and activates creativity and self expression. Citrine cleanses all the chakras and opens enthusiasm.

5 reviews for Congo Citrine Point Polished F (8.9g)

  1. Giselle Harmsen

    All good

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  2. Debbie L.

    Long awaited Essential oil

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  3. Therese

    good buy

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  4. Golan Naidoo

    Invigorating and heavenly

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  5. Golan Naidoo

    Excellent for aching feet and sore muscles

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