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Crack Your Own Geode (5-7cm)

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Break your own Geodes

Geodes are spherical rocks that contain hollow cavities lined with crystals. The name geode comes from the Greek word Geodies which means “earth like.” Most geodes contain clear quartz crystals but you do get some with Amethyst, Agate and Jasper just to name a few. The fun part is, there is no way of telling what is inside the Geode until gets cut open or broken apart.

Size : Diameter Approx 5-7cm

Each piece is unique. No 2 are the same. (Shapes and Sizes may vary as it is a natural stone)

Please note that these geodes can be cracked open gently to have a loot at the crystal formation inside.

We cannot guarantee what your Geode’s formations are inside.

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3 reviews for Crack Your Own Geode (5-7cm)

  1. Dirk

    Awesome experience cracking a geode

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  2. N Phillips

    Had such an adventure cracking my 4 geodes!

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  3. Anonymous

    fun and different gift

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