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Crystal Singing Bowl 8″ (20cm)


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Crystal Singing Bowl 8″

This White frosted Crystal Singing Bowl features a beautiful design and an equally unique sound. The sound of a crystal singing bowl is both clear and powerful for large spaces with a long lasting sound.

Crystal singing bowls offer a myriad of benefits, combining soothing sound therapy with holistic healing. The bowls produce resonant tones that promote relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety. The vibrations stimulate the body’s natural healing processes, balancing energy centers and promoting a sense of well-being.

Many practitioners incorporate crystal bowls into meditation, enhancing mindfulness and deepening the meditative experience. The pure tones emitted by the bowls can also facilitate emotional release and spiritual connection. Additionally, crystal singing bowls are believed to harmonize the body’s energy field, promoting physical and mental balance. Their versatile application makes them valuable tools for sound healing, meditation, and overall holistic wellness.

99.9% Pure Quartz

Origin: India

Smooth on the inside and rough on the outside, which gives the bowl a frosted look.

*price includes traditional mallet, suede wrapped mallet and cushion

Please whatsapp 076 364 3518 for a sound demo

Suitable for Begginers however If you play the bowl too hard or too fast, the bowl can over-vibrate which can cause it to break or even snap in half.


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