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Five Platonic Solid Rose Quartz Crystals In A Wooden Box


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Five Platonic Solid Crystals

The five platonic solids represent the five basic elements, earth, air, fire, water and the universe. They can be worked with in a variety of ways. You can meditate with one using the tetrahedron for transformation, the hexahedron for grounding or connecting to earth, the octahedron for focus, the icosahedron for working through emotions, or the dodecahedron for inspiration.  You can also use them to build a medicine wheel.

The tetrahedron has four triangular faces, its element is fire and its state is heat which represents the “Divine spark”. The form of creativity, original ideas and inspiration. Fire also represents heat to warm and nurture or heat to destroy.

The hexahedron has six square faces, its element is earth and its state is solid which represent foundations and structure. The form is organized, structured ideas, supported, security and strength of conviction.

The octahedron has eight equilateral triangular faces, its element is air and its state is gas which represent mental processes. The form is mental focus, positive thoughts, ideas and outlook.

The icosahedron has 20 triangular faces, its element is water and its state is fluid/liquid which represents emotions. The form is emotional balance and ability to “go with the flow” of life’s experiences.

The dodecahedron has 12 regular pentagonal faces, its element is the ether and its state is spirit which represents the Universe and connection to all that is (wholeness). The form is the balance between spirit and matter, “as above so below”, “Heaven on Earth”.

5 Rose Quartz platonic crystals

Comes in a wooden box

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