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Fuk Luk Sau, Chinese Three Wise Men

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Chinese three wise men statues represent good fortune, success and good life.

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Fuk Luk Sau, Chinese Three Wise Men

These three wise men are Chinese gods. Also known as the three immortals these deities constitute a traditional feng shui remedy to attract health, wealth, and prosperity into a person’s life. There are many legends about the three gods. Fu represents “good luck” or “good fortune.” Luk is stability, influence, success, and financial abundance and Sau means “longevity.”

Fu Lu Sau should be placed side by side in one row – Fuk is on your left side, Luk is in the center and Shou is on your right side, They can be displayed on the table in your living room or dining area facing inside and must not face the front door.

Size: Approx Height 11cm x Width: 5cm.

Preferred indoors.

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More about the Chinese three wise men

Fu represents “good luck” or “good fortune. Fuk is often seen holding either a scroll or a child and wearing the garb of a scholar. The child is there to symbolize the transmission of good luck to future generations, and the scroll can be perceived as the importance of knowledge and learning.

Luk is stability, influence, success, and financial abundance. Luk stands in the middle of the other two deities and is often depicted holding  a gold bar or that symbolizes power and authority.

Sau means “longevity.” The god Sau is typically depicted as a wise old man with a high forehead and a warm, happy smile. He often holds a staff to show his old age and symbolize longevity. And he carries a peach, which is considered to be a symbol of youth, beauty, and immortality.

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