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Golden Money Frog with Money Tree (Wealth & Abundance)

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Attract wealth, abundance and good health into your home with this golden frog & money tree.


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About the Feng Shui Money Frog

According to Feng Shui, A money frog  (Also known as a fortune frog or lucky frog) is believed to have the exceptional powers to ward off evil spirits and attract wealth and abundance.

This three legged fortune frog can often be seen with a coin in it’ mouth or sitting on a pile of coins.

Golden Money Tree

In feng shui, golden money trees represent wealth and abundance. Money will become more and more as the tree becomes bigger and bigger. People like to display golden money trees in the house bring good omen for the coming year in Chinese New Year. For wealth, you can display golden money tree in wealth corner. Or you can directly put it on the hallway or near to the main door so that people can see it as long as people walk in your house.

One lucky coin included, don’t forget to add a few extra Lucky Feng Shui Coins for good luck

Size: 9cm x 11cm

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3 reviews for Golden Money Frog with Money Tree (Wealth & Abundance)

  1. Darpana

    Very calming and awesome addition to my home

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  2. Darpana

    very beautiful

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  3. Ashmera

    Ohhhh My Lucky Frog tree, is sooo cute. Whats even more surprising is ever since I brought this parcel home, a real life frog has been sitting at my door ever since (”, ), not sure what it means though.

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