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Black Tourmaline & Hyalite Cluster C (118g)

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Black Tourmaline & Hyalite Cluster

Black Tourmaline, revered for its powerful metaphysical attributes, is believed to possess a profound grounding energy. Hailing from Namibia, this protective stone is thought to shield against negative energies and electromagnetic fields. Its metaphysical properties are said to promote mental clarity, enhance spiritual growth, and provide a sense of security.


Hyalite, another gem from Namibia, is a unique variety of Opal known for its mesmerizing transparency and vibrant green fluorescence. Metaphysically, Hyalite is associated with emotional healing, intuition, and amplifying positive energies. It’s believed to stimulate the heart chakra, fostering emotional balance and opening pathways to inner wisdom. Together, these Namibian gems weave a narrative of energetic protection and spiritual empowerment.


Size: Approx 7X5cm

Weight: Approx 118g

1 review for Black Tourmaline & Hyalite Cluster C (118g)

  1. cindy v.r

    One of my favorite pieces….thank you.

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