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Libyan Desert Glass C (9 Grams)


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Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan desert glass goes back more than 29 million years when a meteorite impacted earth.   This unique pure silica tektite is a transformational stone that offers powerful enhancing energies. Known as the stone of transformation. These crystals embody within them the vibration of the golden ray, a powerful spiritual energy. They are also very powerful manifestation tool that enhances spiritual healing. Linked to Western Egypt it is said that a piece of Libyan Desert Glass was found in King Tutankhamens amulet.

6 Grams

Comes in a gift bag with a meaning card

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Cleansing your Crystals

Its important to cleanse your crystals on a regular basis. You can do this by placing your crystals in a bowl of spring water and fully submerge it, leave it in for an hour or so then pat it dry or place it outside under some sunlight to dry and recharge. Salt has been used throughout history to absorb unwanted energy and banish negativity. Dissolve a table spoon of sea or rock salt in water. Again submerge fully in water for an hour, pat dry or place under the sun. A old time favorite for cleaning your crystals is by wafting smoke created by burning a smudge mix over the surface of the gemstone. Don’t forget to place your crystals under a full moon to recharge under its powerful energy.


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