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Meditations for the Soul (Neale Lundgen PHD)


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Meditations for the Soul (Neale Lundgen PHD)

Pathways and Practices to Strengthen Your Soul for the Journey Ahead

Everyone longs for a soulful purpose that sets the heart ablaze. This book guides you through accessible meditations designed to help you experience the deep joy and fulfillment that comes when we live in the immediate and irrefutable now.

Join teacher and former monk Neale Lundgren as he shares dozens of awakening exercises designed to help you activate your soul’s senses, become more present to your inner and outer worlds, and learn to bring soulfulness to your relationships with others. This book is all about helping you reconnect to your soul and strengthen your personal sense of purpose in life. The practices within can be used by anyone regardless of your spiritual or religious background. With breathing exercises, visualizations, affirmations, and more, you will learn to incorporate ancient spiritual technologies even in the midst of your busy 21st century life.

Pages: 215


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