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Palo Santo Incense Bricks (Holy Wood)

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These premium aromafume palo santo incense bricks have the mystical ‘Holy Wood’ scent. Palo Santo Incense bricks will tantalize your senses with its Orange blossom, Lemon Bergamot, Vertvier Rose, Honey and Amber Sandalwood.

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More about Aromafume Palo Santo Incense Bricks

Aromafume Palo Santo Incense bricks reminiscent of the mystical ‘Holy Wood’ They are a wonderfully fresh medley of orange blossoms and a citric bergamot. Romantic warm mid notes of rose and vetiver blend beautifully together with a luscious honey, amber and sandalwood base.


How to use Aromafume Incense Bricks

These bricks must be used in a diffuser, simply light the candle underneath, place the incense brick on top (normally where your oils would go) and start enjoying the beautiful aroma. Each brick can last up to 2 hours.

Each box includes 9 bricks + 1 free.

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19 reviews for Palo Santo Incense Bricks (Holy Wood)

  1. Erika

    Loves the smell

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  2. MANDY M.

    good for space clearing – love it

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  3. DEBBY R.

    smells great

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  4. Maria Fatelo

    I cannot begin to tell you how this holy wood truly clears all negative and draining energies around you and in your space. take it around the garden as well. Treat it like Imphepo but it has a slightly different outcome. Beautiful lingering fragrance as well.

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  5. Mandy

    Love it

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  6. Anonymous

    I was keen on trying this product because I assumed it would be a stronger scent and the burn time would be longer, unfortunately it did not, I still prefer the incense sticks, as you get to enjoy the smell more.

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  7. Kiera De Koker

    These burn for hours, no mess, no fuss & smell great

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  8. Yaadna Chathuri

    Amazing product… I had to come back and buy even more. Excellent customer service and great quality products and great prices

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  9. Louise


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  10. Shez Robinson

    Great quality, great price and wonderful service! Delivery with Courier Guy so very quick!

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  11. Sandra S.

    One of my favourites !

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  12. Anelise

    This is a great every day incense product!

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  13. Maria Hargrave

    Cleansing and warm

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  14. Sandra Sorrenti

    my must-have for my space !

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  15. Boitumelo M.

    Love thr bricks

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  16. Anwar Allie

    Cleansing. Uplifting. Just love this smell

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  17. Anonymous

    Very pleasant aroma

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  18. Waseelah Whitford

    Amazing , I’m so happy with this

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  19. Steven Venter


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