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Smudge Stick Wand Harmony

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Harmony smudge stick wand for cleansing, balance, peace, clarity and joy.

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Harmony Smudge Stick Wand

The harmony smudge want includes a unique mix of lavender, rosemary, imphepo and cedar.

All herbs are organically grown and handpicked in South Africa.

Each Wand comes with a beautiful energy crystal attached.

Size approx: 22cm

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More about smudging

The art of smudging can be used whenever you need to ground or re-balance your energy field, to help eliminate negative mental or emotional energy patterns and for general upliftment of the soul. It can also be used to lighten the atmosphere of an internal space, in preparation of a sacred space for healing or meditation and to cleanse personal objects and crystals.

More about the Harmony mix of herbs:



Restores emotional balance and creates a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere, Lavender also attracts angelic beings.



“South African sage” A traditional herb found only in South Africa. Used to cleanse and protect and allows you to connect to your spirit guides and angles. A powerful smudge.



Provides grounding and joy, especially when used during personal transformation. Promotes being ‘ in the flow’

5 reviews for Smudge Stick Wand Harmony

  1. Nisha

    Lovely crystal

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  2. Tumie M.

    haven’t smudged my home as yet

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  3. Magalies Mountain Lodge

    Love it!

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  4. Elrene K.

    I love the beautiful Crystal and wand.

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  5. Anonymous

    Very pleased with this product. Highly recommend.

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