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Water Element Orgonite Necklace


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Water Element Orgonite Necklace

WATER – FILLED with crushed shells from the Abalone shell and other small shells from the ocean – The moons strong influence on the ocean, seashells hold the energy of the moon phases and some of them have more power at various times of the moon cycle. Seashells stand for a resilient and determined mindset.
TENSOR RING – One eight of a scared royal cubit (144hmz) – This powerful healing Orgone Elemental Ring-shaped pendant aids in protection from harmful EMF frequencies while at the same time balancing your energy field. All my Orgonite creations feature my original artwork and are crafted by hand – Because I am a Reiki Master who performs energy work all my pendants are made with positive focus.
Why do you need an Orgonite Elemental-Ring pendant?
Because we are being exposed to harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF), from mobile phones, cell towers, microwaves, Wi-Fi to name just a few sources. Living beings do not fare well under these frequencies, they are not aligned with our planet .


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