Bangle – Bohemian Wrap (Blue Hemimorphite)


1 x crystal wrap bangle.

Material: Blue Hemimorphite

Approx Size: Wraps around your wrist 2/3 times.

Adjustable with knot loops to fit.


This bangle is presented in a beautiful wooden box and wooden heart.

The wooden box has a slide cover which is a great size to store small jewellery, crystals and other keepsakes.

The wooden heart is perfect to write a mantra or a personalised message for a loved one.

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Hemimorphite is an amazing stone that will give you so much in all areas. The main being it will develop your psychic gifts.It is a great stone to help connect you with the angles and your spirit guides.

Its vibration heightens communication with those realms so hold it tight during your meditation and connect with the spirit realm.

Blue Hemimorphite is known to work with all chakras it opens and clears them allowing energy to flow freely through your body.

The energy of this crystal will enhance your creativity and many believe it will bring you good luck and fortune. It also encourages self respect, happiness and self esteem.


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