Mala Beads – Rudraksha (Red tassels)


Mala Beads – Rudraksha beads with red tassels (prayer beads)

By meditating with a Rudraksha beads mala or by wearing Rudraksha seeds against the skin it is believed to:

  • increase the ability to focus
  • give clarity and peace of mind
  • improve memory
  • relieve stress and anxiety
  • increase stamina
  • strengthen the heart
  • balances the nervous system
  • bestow divine protection
  • increase abundance and prosperity.

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Rudraksha beads are seeds traditionally used as prayer beads in Hindusim. Rudraksha Beads are very powerful beads which are used to cure many physical, mental and emotional disorders.

Conclusive studies and testimonial prove Rudraksha to be one of the fastest healing methods. The beads also open the chakras and start healing a persons’s mind and body.


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