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Crystal Healing Wand with feathers

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Crystal healing wand to remove energy blockages.

Only 3 left in stock

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Crystal Healing Wand

This powerful crystal healing wand is used for healing. Energy from the wand is used to remove energy blockages from the bio magnetic field of the body. Removing blockages provides a balance, while the body heals itself. The copper tube acts as an energy accumulator or funnel. The leather acts as an insulator. The crystal (tumble stone) is the main focus of energy. Hold the wand and point the crystal towards your body. Moving it up and down visualize the flow of energy moving through your body, removing blockages. Always remember to recharge your wand by smudging it before and after use and leaving it in the sun or full moon to charge.

Material: Copper pipe, leather, crystal, gemstone, feathers & beads.

 Size: 15-16cm

10 reviews for Crystal Healing Wand with feathers

  1. Stacey F.

    Really stunning wand!

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  2. Nicole V.

    Stunningly beautiful!

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  3. Debbie Scott

    It’s an absolute pleasure to shop at Indigo Halo! Service is exceptional, delivery seamless, prompt and efficient; and as for the products-excellent quality and very well-priced. Kudos to you guys for creating and maintaining such a well-run business.

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  4. Sue Emmett

    Love it.

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  5. Jerry-lee H.

    Beautiful piece to my collection

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  6. Leigh-Anne Koekemoer

    This item was part of quite a large order I placed. I am incredibly happy. Everything is just as seen on the website and better. I was kept informed every step of the delivery process which I appreciated. The quality of everything is amazing. I will definitely continue to support Hello Indigo. I also just wanted to say thank you so much for the extra gift.

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  7. Courtney G.

    I remember having a healing wand when I was 14 that I loved, and honestly this brought me right back to that happy memory, would recommend it to anyone.

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  8. Angela Nunes

    bought as a gift, I love it so much I am going to by myself one too

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  9. Nershentha Pillay

    It is such a cute and lovely wand for clearing energy

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  10. Lisa

    Not sure about this 🙁

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