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Dalmatian Jasper Tumble Stones


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Dalmation Jasper will strengthen your connection to mother Earth.

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Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmation Jasper will strengthen your connection to mother Earth. It raises ones confidence showing you the way of your path and journey. Working with this stone will able you raise your vibrations and help you feel centered and in control. By listening to your inner consciousness and allowing your soul to speak, one will know the way that is most resourceful for them. Dalmatian Stone will provide everlasting comfort when dealing with these confusing times. It will also constantly promote your own well-being before others and will serve as a daily reminder of that.

Colour: Cream with black spots

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Cleansing your Crystals

Its important to cleanse your crystals on a regular basis. You can do this by placing your crystals in a bowl of spring water and fully submerge it, leave it in for an hour or so then pat it dry or place it outside under some sunlight to dry and recharge. Salt has been used throughout history to absorb unwanted energy and banish negativity. Dissolve a table spoon of sea or rock salt in water. Again submerge fully in water for an hour, pat dry or place under the sun. A old time favorite for cleaning your crystals is by wafting smoke created by burning a smudge mix over the surface of the gemstone. Don’t forget to place your crystals under a full moon to recharge under its powerful energy.


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