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Om Chakra Necklace

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7 Chakra OM Pendant.

Size: Approx 4 cm in diameter.

Material: White Brass.

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Om Pendant with 7 Stones for Chakra healing & Embodies the divine energy. Made from brass, brushed with silver.

Gemstones: Amethyst, Quartz, Blue Howlite, Sodalite, Red Coral, Green Jade, Tigers Eye


More about the Om sign 

Om also written as Aum, is the most sacred syllable symbol and mantra of Brahman.

It is a a sacred sound that is known generally as the sound of the universe.

Often used in relation to the religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism

Symbolically embodies the divine energy, or Shakti, and its three main characteristics: creation, preservation, and liberation.


Wearing OM

The Om symbol will help calm down your senses, relieve tension and help with generating awakening and your consciousness during your healing.


About your 7 Chakras:

Root Chakra,

Located at the base of your spine

Represents your grounding and basic survival instincts

General stability

Sacral Chakra

Located just below your naval

Your social and general sexual energy.

Represents your openness to people and new experiences

Solar Plexus Chakra

Located in your upper abdomen

Represents your self-image, personality and ego.

Heart Chakra

Located in the centre of your chest

Represents your love, compassion and trust in others

Throat Chakra

Located at the base of your throat represents communication and expression.

Your highest truth

Third Eye Chakra

Located in your forehead

Represents your intuition and imagination.

Inward focus and creative dreaming

Crown Chakra

Located at the top of your head

Represents your connection to the spiritual universe.

Divine Knowing

10 reviews for Om Chakra Necklace

  1. Glynis-Lynn Bailey

    I love every single thing I bought

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  2. Sharon Ramsay

    Absolutely love my 7 Chakra Pendant.

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  3. Georgean Engelbrecht


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  4. Sharon Ramsay


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  5. Leon Mc Linden

    Very very happy

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  6. Sandra M.

    Very happy ! Product is of excellent quality.

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  7. Daleen Maritz

    Love it

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  8. Cheryl Pentz

    A very pretty piece of jewelry. I love it.

    Image #1 from Cheryl Pentz
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  9. Tani

    very pretty.

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  10. Anonymous

    Just what I needed

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