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Pi Xiu Feng Shui Ring

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Feng Shui Pi Xiu ring for protection, good luck and wealth.

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Pi Xiu Feng Shui Ring

This Feng Shui ring has a gold plated Pi Xiu or Pi Yao which is a powerful Eastern Talisman (dragon) which brings riches.


It is very popular among business people, investors and gamblers.


One mantra appears on the outside of the ring and another mantra is on the inside where it makes contact with your skin, so it can more effectively imbue its ancient power to you. The Pi Xiu is surrounded by powerful Chinease symbols inside the ring. On the outside of the ring there is a 6 syllables Sanskrit Mantra , including Om Mani Padme Hum. This mantra according to Buddhist tradition brings happiness, luck and good fortune to its wearer. In Hinduism, the right-facing symbol () is called swastika, symbolizing surya (“sun”), prosperity and good luck.


The Pixiu provides a minimum of six blessings as follows:

Conducts good luck and fortune
Generate good Feng Shui or earth luck
Enhances wealth and riches
Protects individuals and building
Protects against evil forces, obstacles, and hardship
Brings unexpected windfall luck


Slightly Adjustable


Made from copper with silver coating.


Note: It is advised to keep your ring away from sanitiser and water to last longer. This ring is silver coated which silver colour will wear and tear over time. A Pi Xiu ring is not designed to last for a long time as it has certain goals & purposes to fufill.


Tradition has it that the ring should be worn on the middle finger to activate it.


What to do if your ring breaks or the Pixu falls off?


Once the ring breaks or the Pixu falls off the ring, it means the ring has served its purpose to ward off misfortune or bad luck.

Dont be alarmed if this happens, it means that the ring has already prevented the misfotune and served its purpose.

Tradition states you need to bury the broken ring (if you still have it) wrapped in a red cloth. Do not overthink about losing or breaking your ring, let go and move on. It is possible to replace the ring and start a new journey with a new Pixu Feng Shui ring. Do not wear 2 Pi Xiu rings at the same time.



12 reviews for Pi Xiu Feng Shui Ring

  1. Samantha Abrahams

    it was ok…not what I expected, but I like it

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  2. Annalize Arce

    Love my ring

    (0) (1)
  3. Michaela

    Cute. But I can’t wear it. I don’t remember a swastika being Chinese?

    Image #1 from Michaela
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    • Lisa Nozaic

      Hi Michaela. This symbol is not the Swastika used during WW2 that you are thinking, it goes back much further than that. It comes from Sanskrit: स्वस्तिक, romanized: svastika, meaning “conducive to well-being”. In Hinduism, the right-facing symbol (clockwise) (卐) is called swastika, symbolizing surya (“sun”), prosperity and good luck. This is a part of a mantra on the outside of the ring often used by Hindu’s, Buddhist. In the Jodo Shinshu tradition of Japanese Buddhism, which Nakagaki practices, the swastika is a sign of peace and good luck. Hope this helps 🙂

  4. Shalini Hansragh

    Great service, User friendly website and efficient

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  5. Charmaine Ruby wicks

    beautiful detailing Love it fits perfect

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  6. Roeline Rheder

    Love my ring

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  7. Roeline Rheder

    Very nice

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  8. Mashigo

    It was amazing

    Image #1 from Mashigo
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  9. Elton

    It’s a nice ring I love it

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  10. Marlene V.

    Excellent service

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  11. Keaton Dorasami

    Feng shui is my favourite and it is really a good product.

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  12. Suzette Neveling

    Bought this for my husband. He just loves it.

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