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Fire Agate Pi Stone 35mm

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Fire Agate Pi Stone

Pi Stones are circular in shape with a hole in the middle. They date back to the Incas an dare symbolic of our luminous body’s and the energetic universe. Their geometric shape is called a Torus and they symbolize the circular path that the sun follows the sky. The hole in the middle represents the principle of absolute oneness. It symbolises the eternal unity of all things, the cycle of life, death and rebirth.  In many ancient cultures, Pi stones were used as star gates and energy keys.  They are powerful tools in learning and in healing.

The stone can be worn as a necklace, held during meditation, on altars or other jewellery.

You can activate it by anointing it with oil, passing it through incense or leaving it in the light of a Full Moon.

PLEASE NOTE: No two patterns of Fire Agate is the same 

Size: 35mm

Adjustable slip not black cord

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More about Fire Agate 

Fire Agate is a stone of creativity and expression. This is particularly helpful in overcoming all kinds of artistic blocks. It promotes inner stability, composure and maturity, its warm, protective properties encourage self confidence and creativity. 


1 review for Fire Agate Pi Stone 35mm

  1. Dirk

    A bit duller than the listing’s picture, but still beautiful

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